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Evolution – About Us


We are the offspring of go-en The Japanese Ramen Shoppe (based in Manila, Philippines). Originally Japanese food only, go-en started bringing in various bits of Japanese culture to supplement the experience of the shop; Japanese magazines, manga, and various traditional games including kendama. Interest in the kendama grew in large part due to the enthusiasm of our staff who took it upon themselves to not only learn how to play but also teach our restaurant customers the basics.The word “goen” is taken from the phonetic pronunciation of the Japanese characters (御縁) we use for our ramen shop which can be taken to mean “good luck in relationships.” In the case of goenKendama it’s also a play on words as in “goen to play kendama.”

One of the main goals of goenKendama is to help in the development of players.  A lot of our initial focus will be geared toward beginning players with an eye toward helping them evolve into better players.  To start your own evolution check out the blog posts below and begin your journey:


The Story

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What to do with your new kendama

Start Playing: an intro into kendama play

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