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How to Fix Loose Cups on a Kendama

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Tape, paper, or glue what is your favorite way to fix loose cups on a kendama?  This is ours.  The bands don’t disintegrate like regular rubber bands and they slip under the saradō easier.  The Goody bands are available at our shop.  We repackage 3-4 to a set since most people won’t need 250.

How to make a purchase from our site

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how to buy a kendama

We have received a number of messages and calls about the payment and shipping options on our site so we thought we would try to clear things up a bit. In an effort to keep things simple we’ve chosen to use direct bank deposit through PNB and delivery by LBC as the preferred methods on […]

How to prep & glue a kendama tip

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Putting glue on the tip of your kendama’s spike isn’t mandatory but it helps keep the point from wearing down and becoming flat.  It also can help smooth the entry when you spike the ball by cutting down on the friction between the tip and the walls of the hole.

How to tie a slip knot

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At some point you will probably want to change the string on your kendama or disassemble it for other maintenance.  Here’s a freeze frame progression that shows how to tie a slip knot.  This is the same knot used on many brands of kendama and is specifically recommended by Yamagata Koubou  for their Ozora.