Sol Kendamas

In June 2014, a couple of brothers banded together to start a kendama brand that shared one powerful vision: to grow the kendama community and foster relationships. They knew that kendama was not just a toy, but something much greater. Kendama is a medium of expression, a mentality, and a bridge between strangers. It allows for meditation and absolute focus. It provides motivation and encourages self improvement. It creates many friendships between individuals who have never even met.

Sol Kendamas exists to share these qualities and lifestyle with those who haven’t had the privilege of learning about kendama. Following our vision, our two primary goals as a kendama company are: to teach, show, and share the joy of kendama, and to provide a way for existing relationships in kendama to continue to thrive.

One way to do this is by sponsoring events. We have sponsored many events, both in the United States and internationally. We donate to large events that promote kendama infrastructure, generate awareness, and drive interest to the industry. We are constantly looking for ways to bring kendama into the spotlight and develop a stronger scene.

Kendama is what we’re about.

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