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Christine Santos – Aztec

Product Description


We would like to introduce part of our team here at go-en & goenKendama, Christine Santos, our locally based artist, photographer, and designer extraordinaire. Because of her Computer Science background she also helps with our back office work, graphic design, and even can be found helping out with our events.

What started out as a passion for art and design has finally joined with a healthy interest in the Japanese kendama. She has for years taken on custom art projects, displayed, and sold hand-drawn/painted works at local shows. We were finally able to convince her to try her hand at kendama a couple of which you’ve seen here and here. Now she’s ready to release the first of her custom kendama creations to the public.

The first in the series is called Aztec and was painted using Posca and Molotow with a clear coat to protect the colors. The base kendama is a natural wood, no paint on the tama, Ozora with a beech ken and a cherry tama. Creating the design and executing it took two days of creative thought and hands-on since she primarily works in 2D and the tama is most definitely 3D. Additionally while we do consider it “playable” it is obviously more of a collector’s item.

Although Christine is willing to take on other commissions, Aztec is a one-of-a-kind design and will not be replicated so once it’s gone, it’s gone. We will be displaying Aztec at the shop from this weekend 9/6/2014.

If you are interested in this creation or have a special request in mind feel free to contact us.