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F3 aTack Full Fade – Purple Rain

Standard size wood kendama with “sticky” aTack paint on tama and ken.

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Product Description

The Fully Faded aTacks are painted on our new F3 Ken using our classic aTack paint formula and feature a 3 color fade that spans the entire length of the Kendama. We left the spike unpainted so that spiking tricks feel more natural. Having a painted ken adds even more grip and is a stylish addition to your setup. Every F3 comes boxed with an instructional pamphlet, an extra string and bead, and stickers.

The all new F3 Kendama is our best yet. The F3 is the third iteration of our Focus line of Kendamas. The shape of the ken has been completely redesigned to enhance play for all skill levels. The new shape offers better balance for tama tricks like lunar, while the offset position of the string hole in the sarado makes 1-turn tricks more intuitive. Other improvements include more consistent spike length/sarado height and higher quality strings and beads. We have also removed the “Sweets” logo from the bottom of the ken, leaving only our “Cross Kens” logo for a more refined look.