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JAC Kendama – Walnut with Camo Carving

Beech wood tama with a walnut midsection on a walnut ken featuring 3D “camo” carving.

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Product Description

JAC Kendama is a new brand brought to you by Nobuaki Komoto (nob430 on Instagram) of Decade/430 fame. The name JAC comes from an alternative pronunciation of the Japanese character 雀 which means sparrow.

They are made in Hiroshima the birthplace of kendama and incidentally Komoto-san himself. The area is famous for woodworking and furniture making. The craftsmen use their years of experience combined with the latest machines and tools to create functional works of art. In the case of the 3D “camo” carving on one of the JAC models, they use the only machine of its kind in Japan.

The camo pattern is inspired by one of Komoto-san’s friends, Suguru1120 on Instagram, with the logo & package design by MAHARO & Yoshifumi Tanaka and art direction by Sorbonne Sensei & GROUNDRIDDIM.

Komoto-san’s commitment to the sport of kendama and interest in producing the best kendama possible insures that JAC Kendama are some of the most playable and collectable kendama available. It is anticipated that each design will have a very limited production cycle after which they will no longer be produced. Get your hands on one fine specimens today.