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Chuu-zara (Base Cup)

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中皿 – “Chuu-zara” Nail this one and you will have completed the holy trinity of Kendama Cups. This one is a bit trickier than the other cups – the base cup is smaller than the other two cups and it’s located on the other side of the Kendama. To make it easier some people prefer […]

Oo-zara (Big Cup)

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大皿 – “Oo-zara” This one is Kendama 101. The first trick in the book. You’ve unpacked your new Kendama, it’s all set up, time to nail the big cup. Hold the Ken with the ball hanging down. Pull the Ken up so the ball flicks into the air. Catch the ball on the big cup. […]

Ko-zara (Little Cup)

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小皿 – “Ko-zara” The logical progression once you have mastered the art of the big cup. Time to make things a bit trickier and start catching the ball with the little cup instead. Start with the Ken in your hand and the ball hanging down. Flick the ball into the air and catch it in […]