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Christine Santos – Urbane Camo

Christine's artwork on a Shinfuji beech ken with a cherry tama.

Product Description

Camouflage has been fashionable in Japan for a long while. Military camo or variations thereof have found their way on to pants, shirts, dresses, wallets, and even sleepwear; you name it camo has been there. For the most part camo fashion has been more sporty or outdoorsy and not particularly upscale . . . until now.

Meet Urbane Camo. Based on a Shinfuji kendama this custom creation by Christine, third in the series, has all the hallmarks its name would suggest. Christine adds more than a touch of stylish sophistication and elegance elevating camouflage to a new level. While other kendama have seen a camo paintjobs they tend to stick with rudimentary designs and are generally earth tones. In this rendition the hand-applied pastels are more complexly laid on to the tama and the scheme flows down from there accenting both the saradō and ken. The Cherry wood tama has a final clear-coat to add durability while the accent bands are left matte to blend more harmoniously with the natural Beech wood of the ken.

This one-of-a-kind custom kendama is now available online and is currently displayed in our shop. Grab yourself the kendama suited for the best dressed. An afternoon tea party or a swanky soirée that goes late into the evening, Christine’s Urbane Camo has you covered.