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Craft – Ash- Kaizen 2.0 Shape – Tracking Tama

  • Larger cups than the original Kaizen
  • Cup rims arched to lock in stall tricks
  • Thinner, sharper slip stop for better grip and stalls
  • Sleek profile shape well balanced for players who like a slimmer ken
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA by Kendama Players
  • 70/30 Burn Lines Added For Improved Tama Tracking

*kendama are packaged in a cloth bag, plastic boxes are for display only and may be purchased separately

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Product Description

The Kaizen Craft is an exceptional Kendama on so many levels. The 2.0 is the thicker of our 2 new shapes and boasts several improvements over the original Kaizen. This Kendama was carefully designed by the Kendama USA team, and every single piece is hand finished by Kendama players right here in the USA. The 2.0 is a slinger machine with amazing lunar balance. This ash wood Kaizen Craft features 2 burn lines added to the tama for improved tracking. The extraordinary level of detail, craftsmanship, and care results in a Kendama you’ll love to play.